Decentralized Energy

We are excited to announce the launch of 50Hertz.

Today, 50Hertz unveiled its new service line that allows our consumers to have Long Term Energy Price certainty. With the addition of the 50Hertz SolarHub, solar power generation can now be decentralized, eliminating the need for centralized grid infrastructure. We are proud to offer our customers a ground-breaking system that will positively disrupt the current energy landscape.

Disruption does not come easy, or overnight. Building on years of innovation and hard work, 50Hertz, today announced the launch of their Decentralized, Distributed Solar Generation (DSG) system. DSG is a revolutionary new way for consumers to make the switch to solar power while simultaneously lowering their energy costs by utilizing 50Hertz’s smart grid network.

50Hertz DSG stands out from other solar platforms because it leverages our extensive circuit-level data to optimize output and reduce bottlenecks between concurrent demand and generation.

Our entire system is designed around the homeowners who are interested in saving money on their energy bills, while also lowering their carbon footprint.

#DeEn will work in conjunction with our Helius and Helius Plus plans.

Final product details and nitty gritties are being worked on in the back ground. Please expect the roll out of Helius and Helius Plus product lines by Mid November 2021.


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